Like any type of equipment, Marine Engines are not intended to last forever. There will come a time when making one more repair is not worth the time or the money. Here are a few of the signs indicating that the time to begin looking around for a replacement has arrived.

The Number of Hours on the Engine

The design and type of fuel used will play a role in determining how many hours the engine will provide reliable service before it needs replacing. While there are exceptions, it is safe to say that Depco Power Systems will outlast engines that use gasoline as a fuel source. Assuming that the diesel engine is maintained properly, it could easily provide in excess of 8,000 miles before there is the need to think about rebuilding or replacing. If the owner has not been as diligent with the upkeep, problems with the risers and other issues may call for replacement around the 5,000 mile mark.

The Age of the Engine

Along with the hours, the number of years that the engine has been in use will make a difference. With the right type of maintenance, there is no question that repair is most often the best choice for an engine that is less than ten years old. Even one that is in service for twice that long and still seems to be running fairly well is likely worth repairing. After two decades of service, the boat owner would do well to compare the cost of purchasing a rebuilt engine rather than continuing to invest more money in the current one.


Exhaust Emissions

While any engine will produce some exhaust, the color of that smoke will provide some help in deciding if the time has come for a replacement. Black smoke can be a sign that the engine is about to be overloaded, or that the injector is wearing out. Blue smoke indicates a different set of problems that include worn pistons, damaged oil seals, and possibly issues with the valves. Depending on the age and general condition of the engine, it may not be worth the money to invest in replacement parts.. At that juncture, taking a look at a few good used marine engines is a better idea.

Before making a final decision, spend some time finding out what Depco marine engines have to offer. After taking a look at the purchase price and comparing that to the cost of repairs, there is a good chance that investing in a replacement engine will be the smartest move.